How to start a successful youtube channel ?

Youtube is one of the best online video-sharing platforms. In order to make a successful youtube channel, our suggestions will be more helpful. Please read our article here,

How to start a successful youtube channel ?

Youtube is one of the best online video-sharing platforms. In order to make a successful youtube channel, you’ll have to follow the below guidelines,

1. Your video content should target all the world audience

In order to get more views for your video, you should target the world audience. Your video content shouldn’t be regional or language specific. Your content should also be more informative.

2. Use the best audio/video editing software

Invest some money on finding the right audio/video equipment. It could be your camera or any audio devices or any editing software. It is always better to get a dedicated microphone for your video because bad audio is much more distracting than bad video.

3. Maintain your video lengths between 15mins to 30 mins

To attract many audiences, your video should be short and crisp. You can make a long video, but the majority of people will not follow or watch your video completely. In this case, you may lose your subscribers.

4. Make your video simple and easily understandable

You always make your video easily understandable and adding subtitles would be an added advantage to your video.

5. Promote your videos in other social media (like whatsapp, facebook etc..)

Marketing is one of the major factors to become a successful youtube channel. You should always promote your videos in social media and with your friends & family.

6. Promptly respond to your video comments/reviews

Irrespective of good or bad reviews, it is better to respond to all comments. Thumb rule is you should always be kind to your subscribers or followers.

7. Upload videos regularly

Once you start uploading your videos regularly, there is a high probability of getting more subscribers. Do upload videos at least twice in a week.

8. Follow other successful youtube channels to get useful contents

It is always better to follow other successful youtube channels, you may get more useful content from them. Also, start reviewing or share your comments on other videos. This will help you to make your videos even more perfect.

9. Design attractive thumbnails for your video

Thumbnails should be more attractive. Most of the viewers will see the thumbnail first. If you have attractive thumbnails, you’ll get more views for your videos.

10. Choose the right title, keywords and description

Like thumbnails, your video title/keywords/descriptions are also more important. Your video will be listed in the search list, only if you have proper keywords or title.

11. Request viewers to express their feelings about your video

Finally, ask your viewers about their views on your video. Request them to express their opinions by comments. If they really like your video, they’ll start following your channel. Don’t force them to subscribe to your channel.

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